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How we help you…

PHD Financial will orchestrate restructuring your business debt, reorganizing overdue accounts so creditors can be paid strategically without having to shut down the company or file for bankruptcy. Commercial debt restructuring is one of the best ways to avoid bankruptcy.

With a comprehensive analysis and understanding of your financial situation, PHD will put into action a plan for renegotiating loans and debt, seeking funding and whatever else is required to better a client’s circumstances.

  • Debt negotiation – PHD Financial has relationships with many banks and the SBA allowing them to restructure and settle loans.
  • Note Buying – PHD Financial implements creative strategies for clients to improve their bottom line and cash flow.
  • Funding Sources – PHD Financial has developed a network of funding sources to purchase notes and refinance existing debt.

With the depth and breadth of experience, our PHD Financial professionals are able to delve into clients’ financials to best position them for the workout process. We step in and manage the financial distress, eliminating harassing phone calls from creditors. PHD will inform creditors that we are handling the debt and field all communications. You can take yourself out of the most frustrating part of the process and count on PHD to handle it.

If you have gotten a demand letter, acceleration notice or foreclosure notice, call PHD Financial LLC immediately at 480.656.0907. The further out in front of the situation we can get, the greater opportunity for success. Contact us today.

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